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1 Small TSX Stock (Martinrea International) Under $15 with Incredible Upside

Martinrea International (TSX:MRE) produces highly engineered lightweight structures. Many people think of Martinrea International as the smaller automotive, brother company of Magna. Currently, Martinrea trades at only 0.3-times sales, which is cheap compared to its peers in this sector.

Martinrea International (TSX:MRE) has its stock priced below $15 and is great for those on a budget. It’s expected for the economy to make a strong recovery and so stock should outperform come earnings season. During the COVID-19 lockdown, the company did possess a strong balance sheet and generated cash flow. They are expected to continue doing so as automotive sales continue to rebound in the coming quarters.

Martinrea International has a deep value in the auto manufacturing space

In terms of stocks, Martinrea International (TSX:MRE) is a great option because of its deep value in the auto manufacturing space. In addition, it’s a relatively little-known option with a strong management team that is focused on quality processes, strategic goals, and excellent outcomes.

Many people say that the company’s stock is undervalued and people are not aware of the company’s strategic vision. The company’s valuation is not on par with the company’s growth potential. Investors should look for company’s that can provide impressive returns, such as those buying Matinrea’s stock.

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