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About Investor Scene

Investor Scene is focused on providing retail investors with exclusive insight on and breaking news about today’s North American small-cap companies that may be poised to become the household names of tomorrow. Each article aims to provide simplified and timely information on investing and personal finance so retail investors are empowered with more resources to make the best decisions for their future.

Founded in 2021, Investor Scene is led by former business journalist Jeremy Szafron. He is a capital markets expert who has more than a decade of experience counseling and investing in publicly traded small-cap companies.

Jeremy founded Investor Scene after seeing a lack of online resources for small-cap investors. He decided to take matters into his own hands, as he was tired of hearing about the hottest stocks only after they were considered “hot.”

Jeremy and the editorial team at Investor Scene focus on providing readers with macro- and micro-level content about trending and established industries from cannabis and cryptocurrency to oil, gas, and other commodities. 

Our Team

Jeremy Szafron, Founder and CEO

Jeremy Szafron has been in the public eye since 2005, starting his career as the on-air Entertainment Reporter for CTV, in Montreal.

He remained in broadcast journalism for more than a decade, eventually becoming a regular live TV reporter, commentator, and personality for Bell Media, Canada’s leading content creation company across television, radio, and digital. Jeremy reported on and interviewed celebrities such as Justin Bieber, the Kardashians, and Madonna, as well as political figures such as Al Gore and Justin Trudeau.

In 2007, Szafron became an on-air Business Reporter and Analyst for Bell Media, where he made regular appearances on BBN Bloomberg as well as on multiple Canadian television and radio stations.

After his time at Bell Media, where he was featured as a business reporter on regular National CTV News programs, Jeremy became the Host and Producer of Spotlight, an online current affairs show from PressReader. The show reached more than 30 million individual subscribers across multiple global markets.

In 2018, Jeremy started his first media venture, The Green Scene Podcast, a top global cannabis podcast that discussed the burgeoning industry from an independent journalist’s perspective. The podcast, which was available on all podcast streaming platforms, grew to more than 350,000 subscribers with 400,000 weekly downloads.

The Green Scene Podcast evolved into Investor Scene, an investor-focused media company launched in 2021that reports on exclusive deal-flow of and insights into small-cap Canadian companies on the Canadian Securities Exchange and Toronto Stock Exchange.

Jeremy has since advised small-cap companies on public financing and corporate governance, investor relations, and marketing, and he has hosted multiple TedX events throughout Canada.

Now the CEO and founder of Investor Scene, Jeremy lives in Vancouver, B.C. with his partner Jennifer, and their dog Pepper. He graduated from Concordia University in Montreal with a degree in Broadcast Journalism.


Jeff Brokaw

Jeff Brokaw, Editorial Director

Jeff Brokaw is an award-winning expert in innovative design, marketing, and launching successful business ventures and startups through technological media. He founded his first web design and web hosting company at age 14, and at age 16 he ran the IT department of a large stock brokerage firm. Since then he has assisted in raising numerous funding rounds for startups as well as building companies from the ground level.

Jeff is a co-founder and board member at several rapid-growth startups, including those in the e-sports, fintech, and coworking industries, as well as an advisor, consultant, and more for companies across the globe. He currently sits on the Digital Marketing Advisory Council at The George Washington University School of Business, and he has appeared in TechCrunch, Business Insider, CBS Money, Yahoo Finance, The Boston Globe, International Business Times, San Francisco Times and more. 

As Editorial Director of Investor Scene, Jeff and his editorial team focus on telling stories about the most promising small-cap companies in North America. Using Investor Scene’s proprietary 40-point analysis, Jeff provides Investor Scene readers with premium access to industry-specific news and trending insights that help retail investors stay informed and ahead of the investing curve.

Editorial Guidelines
Investor Scene is committed to integrity and honesty in the information that we provide to our readers and subscribers. We are constantly looking for what’s new and relevant so that you can focus on what’s important for you in your life. No complex jargon, technical terms, or graphs that are impossible to follow. We want investing to be something that could be done by anyone regardless of their financial background. We hope you’ll join us in our mission to make investing easy, fun, and most importantly, financially rewarding!

Press Releases: Please email all relevant press releases to [email protected] with “Press Release” mentioned in the subject line.

What We Cover: 


  • IPO, partnership, and/or product  announcements; 
  • Inside stories of innovative corporate initiatives;
  • Emerging investing trends; 
  • Insights into industry trends, processes, operations, or technologies;
  • Thought leadership from C-level executives at publicly-traded companies;
  • Personal observations, insights, and experiences; and
  • Advice and how-to articles aimed at a retail investor audience.

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