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Best Penny Stocks to Invest In (2021)

The stock market can be an unpredictable and risky place to invest your hard-earned money into, but it also has the potential of producing huge rewards if done right! Anyone interested in investing their money may want to consider purchasing shares of “penny stocks.” These stocks are usually low-priced, so they don’t have as much risk associated with them as other share prices. In recent years, penny stocks have been growing in popularity because of the enormous returns they offer, which is why people are investing their money in them more and more. This blog post will focus on what penny stocks are and the best companies to invest in.

What Are Penny Stocks?

Penny stocks are generally considered to be stocks that trade below $5.00 per share. It can be a little more, but they’re also known as “low priced” or “small-cap” stocks because they’re not associated with giant corporations like Apple, Google, and Nike. While penny stock prices may seem affordable at first glance, the shares can later become very expensive as they rise in value, much like any other stock. Penny stocks are very different from blue-chip stocks because most trade on the Over-the-Counter or “OTC” market instead of large exchanges such as NASDAQ and NYSE. This is why penny stocks are called “unlisted” because there’s no way to research their value or trade history. Penny stocks can be hazardous to invest in because most of these companies are not well-established, many do not have the financial backing to stay afloat, and some may even be scams (pump and dump). People who choose to invest their money into penny stocks should keep this vital warning in mind: “be sure to do your research before purchasing any stock,” especially penny stocks.

What Are The Benefits Of Buying Penny Stocks?

You can reap several benefits by purchasing shares of penny stocks. The most obvious reason is the potential to earn huge returns on investments over time, which is why they’re so popular among investors who want to make a quick profit. While it’s impossible to predict how high prices will go, sometimes these stocks can increase in value by hundreds or even thousands of percent over just a few months! Penny stocks are also popular because they offer an affordable way for investors to get started with their investment goals. For example, someone who would like to invest $1,000 into the stock market might not afford to invest in some larger companies with share prices over $100. This is where penny stocks shine because they allow investors to get involved with the market at a fraction of the cost and thus keep more money in their pockets. Instead of paying the total price for a share, most companies that deal only in penny stocks will let you purchase shares for just cents on the dollar! Let’s take a look at some promising penny stocks at the moment.

Sigma Labs, Inc. (SGLB)

We want to discuss the first penny stock, Sigma Labs, Inc., which trades on the OTC market under SGLB. What makes Sigma Labs appealing is that they are a developer of 3D printing technologies and printed metals. Their main product, called ‘Printed Metal,’ is used in various industries, which is why the company may have a promising future ahead. Investors who purchased shares of SGLB in 2020 have been rewarded with a return of over 22%. The company’s CEO, Mark K Ruport, has claimed that their technology will be revolutionary for multiple industries. Investors looking for a promising penny stock to start with may want to consider SGLB, as they’re currently trading at just $3.84!

Aurora Cannabis (ACBFF)

The following penny stock on our list is Aurora Cannabis (ACBFF), which trades on the OTC market under the symbol ACBFF. What makes them appealing to investors is that they’re involved in developing one of Canada’s largest medical marijuana producers, with a growing number of facilities worldwide. Since 2013, the company has seen tremendous growth in stock value, and they continue to make more shareholders happy every year. In 2016 alone, the company saw a return on investment of over 550%, which is impressive compared to most blue-chip companies! Aurora Cannabis trades at just $8.41 right now, so it’s a great entry point for any investor looking to get involved with the market while keeping their money safe. It’s normal for this stock to go up and down like this because the legalization of cannabis is still new in Canada, but things should stabilize over time.

Kodiak Copper (KODK)

Last on our list of the best penny stocks to invest in is Kodiak Copper (KODK). This company trades over the counter and currently has a market cap of $34 million. We’re listing Kodiak as one of our top picks because it’s involved in the US’s development, operation, and exploration of mineral properties. Some of Kodiak Copper’s most notable projects are Brannan and Noonday Creek operations, both found in Texas. These two mines combined to produce over 160 million pounds of copper per year, which is why we believe this company has a lot of potential for investors who want to get involved while keeping their money safe. This year was rough for Kodiak Copper, but if you’re the type to buy the dip, this is your moment! We believe they could make a great addition to your portfolio! Kodiak Copper currently trades at $1.30, a steal compared to its 52-week high of $2.28!

Where To Buy Penny Stocks?

Do you already have a favourite in mind? The majority of companies offer their shares through online brokers to ensure that their investors get an easy and safe way to buy or sell shares at any time. One of the most popular online brokers is Wealthsimple, which allows clients to buy penny stocks for as low as $5 per transaction.


There are plenty of great penny stocks out there, and they all offer unique opportunities for investors to get involved with the market while keeping their money safe. Whether you’re looking to invest in blue-chip companies or minuscule operations, the internet is filled with online brokers who can help you decide what works best for your portfolio!
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