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Bam Bam Resources Corp.

Engages in the acquisition, exploration, and development of mineral properties related to the battery industry. It focuses on building a portfolio that includes lithium, cobalt, and copper in North America. Its projects include Majuba Hill, Mid-Corner Cobalt, and Empire Lithium. The company was founded on March 10, 2017, and is headquartered in North Vancouver, Canada.

At Its Highest Level in a Decade, Copper Is the “Green Metal” of the Future, With Its Majuba Hill Project, Bam Bam Resources (OTC:NPEZF) (CSE:BBR) (XFRA:4NPB) Could Be Perfectly Positioned For The Copper Boom
  • Copper has surged to its highest level in a decade. Since March 23, 2020, copper has skyrocketed by almost 95%.
  • Copper’s been a crucial metal in our daily lives since the beginning of time. But with sustainable development a priority nowadays, copper demand will surge.
  • As global copper use continues to rise, more copper mining and supply will be desperately needed.
  • Copper production growth is projected to remain in positive territory for the foreseeable future.
  • Copper is seen as the “green metal” because of its properties and recyclability.
  • The car plus the battery of every EV requires around 80 kg (176 lb) of copper.
  • Bam Bam Resources (OTC:NPEZF) (CSE:BBR) (XFRA:4NPB), with its Majuba Hill mine, could be perfectly positioned to take advantage of the gold-copper market.
  • Historic mines in and around Majuba have produced 2.8 million pounds of copper, 184,000 ounces of silver, 21,000 pounds of tin, 5,800 ounces of gold, as well as lead and zinc.
  • The stock has skyrocketed by over 450% since September 1 and by nearly 48% year-to-date.
  • “Prepare for a decade of Dr. Copper on steroids.” — Citibank

Why do people neglect to talk about copper while giving gold all the attention?

Sure there are tailwinds for gold. The dollar’s value is questionable at best, trillions more in stimulus dollars are about to be pumped into the economy, and inflation’s unwelcome return seems to be inevitable.

But with the world transitioning to a cleaner, more sustainable future and with the economy rip-roaring towards a recovery, copper could be the best play for precious metals. In fact, it could be a generationally strong play.

Copper hasn’t traded at this type of a level since 2011, and it could be just getting started. Citi, in fact, stated to “prepare for a decade of Dr. Copper on steroids.”

Since global markets bottomed on March 23rd, 2020, copper has skyrocketed by almost 95%. While gold got all the attention in 2020 for reaching a record high in August, look at how its returns pale in comparison to copper.

Bam Bam Resources Corp. (Featured Chart)

Now look year-to-date. The returns are almost polar opposites of each other.

Bam Bam Resources Corp. (Featured Chart)

Investors know best.

They understand that the outlook for the economy is improving. “Copper prices are widely seen as a barometer for confidence in the global economy owing to its broad array of end uses,” said Bank of America.

They understand the uses that copper has given us for thousands of years thanks to its ability to conduct electricity and heat.

They understand how vital copper is to our homes, our technological devices, and our everyday lives.

Most importantly, they know how vital copper is for a sustainable future. Copper is a “green metal” because of its ability to recycle and help with renewable energy.

Copper is also essential for electric vehicles (EVs). An EV plus its battery requires around 80 kg (176 lb) of copper. With more and more EVs projected to hit the road over the next 10-25 years, eventually replacing gasoline-powered vehicles, the supply must meet the demand.

“Due to geological availability, emerging technologies and industry innovation, copper will continue to contribute to society’s sustainable development goals. As global copper use continues to rise, meeting this demand will require additional copper mining,” said Copper Alliance.

With global copper demands projected to rise, more copper miners replenishing the supply will be desperately needed.

PowerTap Hydrogen Capital Corp. (Featured Info)
Source: Investor Deck

This type of upside for copper makes miners like Bam Bam Resources (OTC:NPEZF) (CSE:BBR) (XFRA:4NPB) generationally enticing.

Bam Bam Resources has recognized that copper has a crucial role in the EV market and throughout the modern world in many evolving technologies. Copper is in very high demand and, as we can see with the current prices, has a bright and prosperous future.

With its Majuba Hill Mine in the heart of mineral-rich Nevada, Bam Bam Resources is at the right place, at the right time — to put it lightly.

More on Majuba

Majuba Hill is a porphyry copper project in Pershing County, Nevada. It is located in the Antelope Mining District, 56 miles southwest of Winnemucca, Nevada, and 156 miles northeast of Reno, Nevada.

Copper, tin, and silver mining started at Majuba in the early 1900s, with production into the 1950s. Historic mines in and around Majuba also produced 2.8 million pounds of copper, 184,000 ounces of silver, 21,000 pounds of tin, 5,800 ounces of gold, and lead and zinc.

Historic underground mining on the property between 1907 and 1960 reportedly produced | Bam Bam Resources Corp.

Drilling, geologic mapping, rock/soil geochemistry, and geophysical data outline an area that contains up to 40 million tons of oxide copper grading at 0.43% Cu and 12 ppm Ag in outcropping near-surface oxide mineralization. Widespread supergene oxidation also extends up to 600 feet below the surface and has produced a variety of copper arsenate as well as chalcocite.

The project’s total potential is 350-500 million tons in sulfide/oxide mineralization at grades of 0.4% Cu, 12 ppm Ag, and 0.175 ppm Au.

The historic high-grade copper production at Majuba came from outcropping, oxidized copper porphyry mineralization. Supergene enrichment appears minimal and recent metallurgical characterization indicates that approximately 60% of the copper in the oxidized mineralization is contained in clinoclase.

The mine also has a newly constructed access road with exposed extensive Oxide Copper Zones up to 100 feet long.

Majuba Hill - Looking North | Bam Bam Resources Corp.
Majuba Hill Expansion Geochemistry | Bam Bam Resources Corp.

Bam Bam’s Stock Has Surged- Especially Relative to Copper

One of the best ways to play a boom in a commodity is through the small companies mining or producing that commodity. The returns will be amplified and leveraged. That’s how it works for crude oil vs. oil producers, and that’s how it works for gold vs. gold miners.

It primarily works that way for copper and copper miners. Since Bam Bam Resources bottomed at the close on September 1, 2020, at $0.25 a share, just look how it’s performed since then compared to copper.

Bam Bam Resources Corp. (Featured Chart)

While copper in that period has gained a respectable 34.52%, Bam Bam has surged by an astronomical 456%.

The trend’s continued year-to-date as well. Copper’s value has increased by a healthy 14.62%. Bam Bam has soared by almost 48%.

Bam Bam Resources Corp. (Featured Chart)

This may be the only beginning too. Remember- as copper’s demand increases, so will the demand for miners like Bam Bam. Mining stocks like Bam Bam’s will significantly benefit from copper’s run.

Barchart also gave Bam Bam Resources a 100% BUY rating based on its technical indicators for the short-term and long-term like its 20-day moving average, 20-50 day MACD oscillator, 20-100 day MACD oscillator, 20-200 day MACD oscillator, 50-day moving average, 50-100 day MACD oscillator, 50-150 day MACD oscillator, 50-200 day MACD oscillator, 100-day moving average, 150-day moving average, 200-day moving average, and its 100-200 day MACD oscillator.

CEO Interview

The Management Team Leading Bam Bam Resources (OTC:NPEZF) (CSE:BBR) (XFRA:4NPB) Has it Set for Success

It’s impossible not to feel confident in Bam Bam Resources’s potential when reading about its management team. Copper’s potential is undeniable, and the team leading this company appears primed to take advantage of it. This is a team of experts with decades of experience and success.

David Greenway, CEO & Director
Mr. Greenway brings more than two decades of experience in managing, financing, and developing growth strategies for various TSX Venture Exchange – and Canadian Securities Exchange-listed companies, including acquisitions, business valuations, and investor relations. His essential expertise lies in the management and development of junior public resource companies, especially in the mining and oil and gas sector. He has held directorships, senior management, and business development positions, including his role as the chief executive officer of Stamper Oil & Gas Corp., Veritas Pharma Inc., Chief Consolidated Gold Mines, SNS Silver Corp., Moneta Resources Inc., and Sterling Mining Company and his board position in Mountain View Conservation Centre. Mr. Greenway attended University in Bournemouth, England, where he studied accounting and finance.

Natasha Sever, CFO
Ms. Sever has a CPA designation in both Canada and Australia with a BCom from Edith Cowan University. She joins the company with more than 10 years of experience in senior finance roles over various industries, including mining, retail, and technology. Ms. Sever has held officer positions at several publicly listed companies in both Canada and Australia and has a proven record of working in alignment with and benefiting the board and associated stakeholders. Her extensive experience with company financings and the Toronto Stock Exchange and Australian Securities Exchange regulatory compliance will ensure the company manages its affairs transparently and adequately.

Joel Warawa, VP Corporate Communications
Mr. Warawa has over twenty years of experience in public and private businesses as a financial and marketing consultant, including business development, negotiations, mergers and acquisitions, and increasing brand awareness in a broad spectrum of markets, including commodities and automotive dealerships and the mining sector. He previously worked with the largest auto group in Canada at the dealership level, including Audi, BMW, Infiniti, and Mercedes-Benz, assisting in productivity and efficiency. He has also experience running businesses and has been the owner-operator of multiple small businesses throughout Canada and has seen tremendous success with them throughout the years.

Kelly Pladson, Corporate Secretary
Ms. Pladson has acted as Corporate Secretary and provided corporate governance and regulatory compliance services to many TSX Venture and CSE listed companies since 2009. She works closely with the company’s CEO and legal counsel to maintain corporate records, manage the company’s day-to-day operations, and ensure the company’s filings with the securities commissions and exchanges are accurately filed and following their deadlines. Before 2009, Ms. Pladson was an investment advisor’s assistant for two years.

Yari Nieken, Director
Mr. Nieken has an extensive range of public company and capital market experience. As a founder of Foremost Capital Inc., an exempt market dealer, he provides in-depth consulting for numerous publicly listed issuers in the health care, mineral extraction, technology, and wellness industry. He has served on the boards and as an officer of several public and private issuers throughout the years. His involvement in those companies has led to the numerous financings that raised substantial capital in his career. He was formerly an investment adviser at Union Securities Corp., where he gained a variety of knowledge in the public market. Mr. Nieken holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the Sydney Graduate School of Management and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of British Columbia.

Bryson Goodwin, Director
A practiced international executive, Bryson Goodwin brings over 25 years of experience in finance, management, investor relations, and operations in private and public companies with an operational, market, and banking track record in the Resource, Oil/Gas, Technology Biotechnology sectors. He’s been engaged by several resources, energy, cleantech, and technology firms, including holding “C” level executive positions in the resource and energy sectors. Mr. Goodwin also sits on the board of many public and private companies. He is well known for his early involvement / corporate turnaround of Klondex Mines and his instrumental role in its transition, finance, and marketing from explorer to producer.

Brad Dixon, Director
Mr. Dixon is an attorney based in Boise, Idaho, and a partner with Givens Pursley LLP. He is the Givens Pursley Litigation Group’s co-chair and focuses his practice on a variety of complex commercial litigation matters. In his 20 years of experience, Mr. Dixon has amassed a significant portfolio of trial experiences in various commercial disputes, including construction litigation, secured transactions, real estate, employment, and natural resources. He is a graduate of Boise State University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Political Science (1997) with an emphasis on constitutional law and public policy and received his Juris Doctor from Willamette University College of Law (2000) in Salem, Oregon.

John Ryan, Advisory Board
Mr. Ryan has been an active entrepreneur in the resources sector for over twenty years. He has extensive experience in the natural resource sector, serving as an officer and/or director of companies such as Bunker Hill Mining, Premium Exploration, and Cadence Resources. High Plains Uranium, U.S. Silver Corporation, and Western Goldfields, Inc. Mr. Ryan has extensive executive experience with start-up companies and provides valuable insights regarding mining and other operations as well as public company expertise. Mr. Ryan obtained a BS in Mining Engineering from the University of Idaho in 1985 and a Juris Doctor from Boston College in 1992.

John Percival, Advisory Board
Mr. Percival is an accomplished entrepreneur and board member of several private and public mining companies in Australia, Canada, and the United States. Previously as General Manager of Investments with Barclays Bank New Zealand Ltd., he was a successful fund manager where he managed over $450-million. Recently, he has played an integral role in raising around $100-million for resource investments in both Australia and New Zealand. With over 50 years’ experience in the financial markets focusing on mining, he is considered an expert and specialist in investment strategies, with a unique interest in precious metals, commodity markets, and global investments. His experience and well-established network have assisted in funding numerous mining companies, both private and public. He is considered by many to be a “go-to” source for advisement on mining assets globally.

Dr. Mike Ressel, Advisory Board
Dr. Ressel currently works with Mine Development Associates (a division of RESPEC), a consulting company that conducts mineral resource studies for the mining industry. Before MDA, Mike was an economic geologist and assistant professor for the Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology at the University of Nevada, Reno (“UNR”), where he led field-based studies and published numerous papers on ore deposits of the Great Basin, conducted quadrangle mapping, taught courses and advised graduate and undergraduate students in economic geology, and engaged in extensive public service. Before UNR, Dr. Ressel spent more than 15 years working in mining and exploration. He was chief geologist for North America for Newmont for several years, which followed several years working in mine production and development as well as near-mine and generative exploration for Newmont, Kinross, and Victoria Resources in the Great Basin, Alaska, and other parts of the US, Western Canada, Mexico, Africa, and Australia. He also worked for 5 years in geotechnical and groundwater consulting. Dr. Ressel obtained his PhD from UNR and is a fellow with the Society of Economic Geologists, an AIPG certified professional geologist, and active in many professional geoscience and mining organizations.

Buster Hunsaker, Technical Advisor
Buster has been engaged in exploring and evaluating quality mineral deposits for 40 years in the western United States, Mongolia, and Argentina. In 1995, Hunsaker Inc. was formed as a full-service geological consulting business providing field services and all aspects of prospecting, early-stage exploration, and project management to mineral exploration companies. Hunsaker Inc. has been retained by numerous junior Canadian mining and exploration companies and major Nevada gold companies, including Barrick Gold Corporation, Newmont Exploration, AngloGold Mining, Vista Gold, and Kennecott. Before forming Hunsaker Inc., he was employed by mid-size and major mining companies, including Newmont, Atlas Precious Metals, and Echo Bay, as Project Geologist, Senior Geologist and Chief Mine Geologist.

Key Takeaways for Investors

Anyone ignoring this copper rush is merely neglecting to accept reality. We are living in a new era; the copper era. With more and more people and governments waking up to the fact that we better start living a sustainable life- or else- we really have no choice but to use more copper. Besides dogs, copper has been man’s best friend for thousands of years. With more and more demand for copper expected to do nothing but surge, the miners supplying us will be of utmost importance. Remember this too. The mining stocks will always be leveraged in relation to the actual commodity. With Bam Bam Resources’s strong team and full access to resources, it’s relatively straightforward that its run since March, and year-to-date is only just beginning.




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