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EVs Are Growing Faster Than Anyone Imagined- Battery Demand Could Explode 15X By 2030 Just To Keep Up

That’s Why All Eyes Must Be On Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies (CSE:ACDC) (OTC:CRYBF) Immediately

  • EV growth could be even more rapid than we thought. In its latest annual Electric Vehicle Outlook, BloombergNEF (BNEF) forecasts that global sales of zero-emission cars will rise from 4% of the market in 2020 to 70% by 2040.
  • BNEF also forecasts EVs to be a $7 trillion global market by 2030 and a $46 trillion market by 2050.
  • With this kind of breakneck growth, the global battery technology market size is projected to grow from $92.0 Billion in 2020 to $152.3 Billion by 2025 and could see demand multiply 15X By 2030.
  • With revolutionary tech, including an AI-based patented battery management system, real-time monitoring and maintenance, Blockchain, and Metadata, Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies (CSE:ACDC) (OTC:CRYBF) has positioned itself as an irreplaceable piece in the EV and energy storage industries.
  • Its subsidiary IoniX Pro builds adaptable and scalable smart energy solutions for the growing Electric Vehicle and Energy Storage Solutions markets and offers several cutting-edge products.
  • Together with IoniX Pro, Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies (CSE:ACDC) (OTC:CRYBF) is building a brand new EV called “Trilogy,” set to be released in 2023.
  • Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies (CSE:ACDC) (OTC:CRYBF) also has two strategic partnerships with leading Canadian suppliers and distributors of LEV’s (Light Electric Vehicles).
  • While the ACDC stock has since consolidated, it went public at the end of October 2020 and surged from CAD $0.0100 to CAD $0.9500 on Feb. 09, 2021, for an astonishing 9400% gain. History could repeat itself as the EV industry continues demanding more next-gen battery tech.

“The federal government also owns an enormous fleet of vehicles, which we’re going to replace with clean electric vehicles.” President Biden said this on Jan. 25, 2021.

How things have escalated since then.

In August alone, the U.N. released a scathing report on climate change, calling it “code red” for humanity. Days later, Biden doubled down on his proclamation from 7 months ago and declared his ambitions to make half of new U.S. automobiles electric by 2030.

August isn’t over yet, either.

Anything you thought you knew about EVs before you can chuck out the window. Because the industry is charging forward, our world is changing, and it’s happening more rapidly than anyone envisioned.

In its latest annual Electric Vehicle Outlook, BloombergNEF (BNEF) forecasts that global sales of zero-emission cars will rise from 4% of the market in 2020 to 70% by 2040. This may only be scratching the surface for transportation as a whole, though.

Source: BloombergNEF

But not only that. Before, some reports from 2020 had the EV market projected to reach as much as $1.3 trillion by 2030. Now? BNEF forecasts EVs to be a $7 trillion global market by 2030 and a $46 trillion market by 2050.

See how fast that escalated?

Consider some of these other facts and figures as well:

Source: ACDC Investor Deck

There’s a bit of a problem, though. EVs need batteries, and right now, there is simply not a sufficient supply of raw materials and batteries. Current Lithium-Ion batteries are also becoming outdated, costly, and unable to keep up.

With this kind of growth, how will the demand for EVs keep up with enough batteries? How will EVs survive without enough advanced batteries suitable to evolve with the industry?

There’s a reason why the global battery technology market size is projected to grow from $92.0 Billion in 2020 to $152.3 Billion by 2025 and could see demand multiply 15X By 2030.

That’s why all eyes are on Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies (CNSX: ACDC) as an essential and irreplaceable piece of the puzzle.

Who Is Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies (CSE:ACDC) (OTC:CRYBF) And Why Should I Care?

It’s simple. Companies like this have to be strongly considered if you’re looking to get into the EV rush. The Teslas and the GMs and the Fiskers are the sexy picks. The ACDCs are the nuts and bolts behind them.

Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies Corp. is a Blockchain and Battery Infrastructure company with revolutionary, patented Battery Management Systems (BMS) designed to meet the exponentially growing demand for scalable, smart solutions for the rapidly expanding Electric Vehicle (EV) and Energy Storage Systems (ESS) markets.

“I love the technology”, said CEO of Daymak Aldo Baiocchi, a leading Canadian light electric vehicle distributor which partnered with Extreme Vehicle Battery Tech back in February. “From the Smart Wall to the specialized BMS with their battery packs, they are perfect for our current products and some of the projects we hope to announce soon.”

Here is the Extreme Vehicle Battery Tech (CSE:ACDC) (OTC:CRYBF) difference and what sets them apart from anyone else, filling a massive gap in the industry:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Battery Management Systems
  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Remote Maintenance
  • Energy Storage Systems
  • Smart Charging Systems
  • Battery Recycling

What’s Wrong With Today’s Battery Tech?

Today’s Lithium-Ion battery tech is not sufficient, and even thinking that it could keep up with the pace of growth for EV’s is laughable.

  • Batteries require costly lab-based testing to effectively diagnose issues
  • Costly replacement is the norm as testing is lengthy, expensive, and inefficient
  • Battery warranties cost companies millions of dollars

The market has started to focus on better and longer-lasting batteries. ACDC’s (CSE:ACDC) (OTC:CRYBF) patented technology may solve all these issues and completely transform the battery market as we know it.

Source: ACDC Investor Deck

More On Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies’ (CSE:ACDC) (OTC:CRYBF) Revolutionary Patented Battery Management System

What sets up Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies for success is that it uses artificial intelligence to create a one-of-a-kind, proprietary, and patented battery management system (BMS). Through AI, the company is applying over 5-years of data from hundreds of thousands of EVs in the world’s largest markets. With this AI, the company has created a BMS that “learns” and improves in real-time and one that is fully scalable to any BMS application.

Source: ACDC Investor Deck

This system first and foremost aids batteries in having a longer life span through real-time power routing options to avoid and minimize damage. The system also excludes and isolates individual damaged cells and re-routes to exclude the bad cells with a notice for routine maintenance to repair or replace.

Additionally, the system promotes more efficient battery usage through absolute differentiation of individual cell issues in real-time, constant power optimization and flow control, life extension, charge extension, and massive cost savings.

Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies’ battery system also has a patented, more accurate, and reliable method of predicting failure, real-time monitoring, observance, maintained oversight of batteries, and industry-first remote maintenance protected by multiple patents.

The Company’s Real-Time Monitoring and Maintenance Could be Game-Changing, Too

One of the most significant benefits of Extreme Vehicle’s cutting-edge BMS is its real-time monitoring capabilities.

The company’s system allows real-time monitoring on top of an advanced review of individual cell degradation. The system then applies AI to the data collected to improve technology. This real-time monitoring also allows for less downtime, more efficiency, instant notification of issues, reduced maintenance and labor costs, real-time data collection that continuously improves AI systems, increased battery longevity, and continuous, reliable monitoring of battery health.

Its real-time maintenance system also possesses multiple patents protecting industry-first remote maintenance on any battery using its BMS, ESS, or OEM offering. Its also reduces maintenance and labor cost and offers the remote repair of battery software and cell rebalancing.

To sum it all up? Even greater intelligence can be built over time while increasing batteries’ longevity- one of today’s battery market’s most significant pain points.

Source: ACDC Investor Deck

All Bets Are Off Now That Blockchain’s In The Game

Blockchain is a technological system of recording data so that modifying or hacking is virtually impossible. It’s a digital ledger of purchases that are duplicated and shared across a network of computer systems within the blockchain, allowing the efficient processing of purchases on a safe and secure platform.

Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies’ blockchain technology gives customers a transparent platform to validate their transactions. For instance, say users want to charge their smart vehicles using cash or crypto. In that case, the company’s revolutionary tech has the capabilities to make it all happen.

In pairing blockchain technology with battery technology, EV Battery Tech (CSE:ACDC) (OTC:CRYBF) has created innovative products and services disrupting the battery industry today.

Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies’ (CSE:ACDC) (OTC:CRYBF) Is Also Using Metadata and Dynamic Peak Shaving To Its Advantage

Metadata is a multi-billion dollar market and helps track website searches, social media activity, and computer files. Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies utilizes metadata, gathers it in real-time, and leveraging it to quietly become the most valuable aspect of its business.

Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies gathers metadata in real-time. This metadata combined with AI increases its operational efficiency and performance and assists with future battery design. Its battery management systems are also capable of accurate readings and efficient operating schedules, allowing for more prolonged battery life.

The company also utilizes dynamic peak shaving for renewable energy, residential and office buildings, remote industrial operations, and smart charging stations.

Get To Know Some of Its IoniX Products

IoniX Pro by Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies Corp is the new standard for patented Battery Management Systems (BMS). This company, a private subsidiary of Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies, builds adaptable and scalable smart energy solutions for the growing Electric Vehicle and Energy Storage Solutions markets.

Source: IoniX Deck
1. SmartWall

The Home SmartWall revolutionizes home battery storage by offering a “smart” solution for renewable energy and backup power. Giving homeowners the freedom from the dependency of grid power, the ability to consume or sell power at any time, and the reliability of IoniX Pro’s state-of-the-art technology.

Source: IoniX Deck

Here’s the best part, though: IoniX Pro SmartWall exceeds or matches Tesla’s Home Powerwall in every major category.

Source: ACDC Investor Deck
2. TITAN EnergyCore

The TITAN EnergyCore is the answer to the intermittent nature of renewable energy. The TITAN EnergyCore is a scalable, smart solution tailored to any renewable energy farm, industrial operation, or even an entire city. All thanks to IoniX Pro’s state-of-the-art technology. Whether the objective is to store energy or arbitrage via peak shaving, TITAN EnergyCore is poised to disrupt the trillion-dollar energy storage market.

Source: ACDC Investor Deck

The TITAN EnergyCore is the most advanced ESS on the market. With ACDC’s remote maintenance, diagnostic, and repair, these units are capable of peak shaving, backup, and energy trading for the following applications:

  • Renewable Energy
  • Residential and Office Buildings
  • Remote Backup Systems
  • Remote Industrial Operations
3. RV Freedom

With the RV market exploding, the RV Freedom is the most cost-effective and reliable battery solution for the RV enthusiast.

Source: IoniX Deck
4. EV Smart Charger
Source: IoniX Deck

But, beyond these products, IoniX and Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies may have something even bigger in the works: an actual EV.

The Trilogy EV

The Trilogy EV is coming soon- a sleek 3-wheel EV with industry-first safety features, patented BMS, and advanced eco-technology. It’s anticipated to officially be released in 2023.

Trilogy Vision

The Trilogy Vision aims to launch the everyday commuter into the future. It is a three-wheel, two-seat EV that will have a top speed of 85 mph, provide up to 185 miles of range, and feature IoniX Pro AI-powered battery system with a charge time of under one hour.

Source: IoniX Trilogy
Trilogy Vision X

The Trilogy Vision X is a Smart Supercar. It is a three-wheel, autonomous-enabled convertible that can accelerate 0-60 mph in 1.8 seconds. It also provides up to 300 miles of range. It has 5G connectivity, as well as smart data capabilities that enhance the rider experience. Featuring the Ionix Pro AI-powered battery system, the Vision X will have a charge time of under one hour.

Source: IoniX Trilogy

These Trilogy models are built with IonixPro’s Patented BMS and an inherently stable, industry safest, non-combustible LiFePO4 battery. It also boasts options for GPS tracking, Autonomous Driving, and Solar Charging capabilities. Not to mention, it includes 4 cameras for 360 Vision alongside advanced safety technology and tech interface capabilities.

Its Strategic Partnerships Also Have it Set for Success

Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies has two strategic partnerships- one with Rich Power and another, which we mentioned earlier, with Daymak.

Rich Power, Canada’s #1 distributor of LEV’s (Light Electric Vehicles), is recognized as a global leader in BMS and ESS technology and innovation. With this partnership, Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies has access to 70 + patents and software copyrights, including 7 authorized invention patents. Not to mention, it has more than 20 utility model authorizations and over 10 software copyrights directly related to BMS and ESS at its fingertips, too.

Daymak is Canada’s largest supplier of LEV’s (Light Electric Vehicles) and boasts over $100 Million in sales. Daymak partnered with Extreme Vehicle Battery Tech and IoniX Pro for all of its battery systems. Under this partnership, Extreme Vehicle Battery Tech also intends to take over all production of batteries which is over 30% of the manufacturing costs.

What’s Going On With The Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies (CNSX: ACDC) Stock?

The ACDC stock has only been trading since late October 2020 and got off to a red hot start, ripping from CAD $0.0100 to CAD $0.9500 on Feb. 09, 2021, for an astonishing 9400% gain. While since then it’s consolidated to around CAD $0.260, it may be approaching oversold territory based on its MACD Oscillator and 14-day RSI of only 42.

Source: Stockcharts

If the EV market even sniffs its loftiest growth expectations, watch out for this company repeating its early performance, and then some. Already, Barchart has spotted its 20 – 200 Day MACD Oscillator, 50 – 200 Day MACD Oscillator, and 100 – 200 Day MACD Oscillator as potential buy signals.

Risks To Consider

1. Volatility

This stock comes with heightened volatility. If you got in early and chased that 9000+% gain, you’d have made out like a bandit. If you got in at or around the peak, you would not have gotten so lucky. This type of stock has all of the macro-level catalysts in the world working in its favor. However, investing in a stock like this is a slippery slope, and you have to time it. Could history repeat itself? Absolutely. But it’s only been public for ~10 months. Just be mindful.

2. Supply Issues?

This is a macro-level risk for the EV industry as a whole, and especially for the battery producers like Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies. They are dependent on raw materials such as lithium, nickel, and carbon. Not only are prices expected to soar due to inflation and demand as a whole, but we could be facing a severe shortage if the mines can’t keep up. Judging by the chip shortage we are still experiencing, it’s pretty safe to say that shortages of any kind are not pleasant for business. Keep an eye out for this.

3. Penny Stock Risks

This goes hand in hand with risk number 1. Penny stocks are notoriously unstable instruments and a way for investors to try and hit an immediate grand slam on an 0-0 count. It’s a quick way to get rich quick. That’s what happens when you own a stock that surges 9000+% in a matter of months. But, it doesn’t always happen that way with penny stocks. You can lose everything just as fast. It all depends on you and your risk tolerance. Most importantly, make sure you aren’t betting your home on it. It’s easy to “catch a falling knife” and end up in penny stock hell if you don’t do your due diligence.

Meet The Team

Source: ACDC Investor Deck

Key Takeaways for Investors

Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies couldn’t be operating at a better time. Although numerous tailwinds indicate strong growth potential for the EV market, there are significant headwinds regarding the industry’s scalability and ability to meet supply with demand. This is where Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies comes into play. Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies solves the problem of having enough high-quality, long-lasting batteries. It also solves the problem of making sure these batteries are advanced enough for the future of the EV industry. Most importantly, this is a company implementing blockchain and metadata to create the most advanced products possible. Although, for now, the stock has consolidated, it could be a sleeping giant. Especially as it continues advancing its relationship with IoniX Pro, successfully brings a revolutionary EV to market in ~2023, and continues building its strategic partnerships. ACDC could be well on the path to becoming a vital player in the EV industry’s growth and its survival.

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