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Danavation Technologies Update

Danavation Technologies Update

Danavation Technologies confirms installation of Digital Smart Labels ™ into LCBO’s flagship store in Downtown Toronto

Danavaation Technologies is a Canadian-based IoT technology company. providing micro e-paper displays to organizations across North America. The company’s Digital Smart Labels ™, powered by IoT automation technology and software Platform-as-a-Service, enables companies across various sectors to automate labeling, price, product, and promotions in real-time, enhancing data accuracy and improving performance by removing high labour costs and low productivity associated with traditional labour-intensive workflows. By empowering the adoption of smart retail, smart cities and industry 4.0, our goal is to create a sustainable and profitable business for shareholders while advancing sound environmental, social and governance practices, including significantly reducing paper usage. Danavation has introduced its solution to retailers across North America, including big box and boutique grocers, while also targeting new markets including healthcare providers, manufacturing, and logistics companies.

For more information on Danavation Technologies Corp. (CSE: DVN) please click the request investor info button.

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