Investor Scene: Boosh Plant-Based Brands (CSE:VEGI) CEO Interview

Hey, everyone. Welcome back to Investors Scene. Now, exciting show on today– we’re going to be talking about how plant-based foods are poised to perform well due to their significant decrease impacts on climate change. As somebody to talk a little bit more about the plant-based industry is CEO of Boosh Foods, Jim Pakulis, joining us now. Jim, can you walk us through the potential growth that you might see from this? – Jeremy, thank you for having me. In the May edition of European Scientist, it states that the global food system accounts for about 37% of all greenhouse gas emissions and nearly one quarter of the world’s total emissions. Reducing food loss and waste, as well as transitioning to sustainable diets, could have a significant impact on carbon dioxide emissions. In fact, Dr. Charlotte Streck, co-founder and director of Climate Focus, said food systems are a neglected mitigation opportunity. And there is rarely any mitigation opportunity with so many sustainable benefits. – Yeah. This brings me to my next point. The younger generation seems to really be embracing this whole idea about plant-based living. In fact, they’re just– even if they’re eating meat, they’re increasingly eating more and more plant-based products. Are you seeing this more and more? And is this a trend that’s going to continue on? – We are seeing this more and more. I think, first, we have to look at time periods. Look at all the way up until the late ’60s. Our food was significantly less processed. Then fast food came into our diet. So for the last roughly 50 years, we’ve been consumed with starchy, chemically induced foods. I think the Gen X, the Millennials, the Gen Z’s– I think they are far more health-conscious and aware. And they seem to have much more appreciation for the welfare of our planet as well as the animal kingdom. So in my opinion, the food industry will be going through an extremely disruptive period, where trillions of dollars will be shifted from meat-based diets to plant-based diet. Boosh wants to be a disruptive agitator in that process. We want to be a leader. We want to be the gateway for consumers to be introduced to healthy, 100% plant-based, gluten-free, non-GMO comfort foods. – It’s an interesting and exciting time for the company now that its IPOed and listed on the CSE under the ticker VEGI. Tell me a little bit about the growth from here, Jim. You’ve already doubled the amount of stores that the products are distributed in. And you have multiple products going to be hitting the shelves here. What comes next? – Sure. Let’s talk about how we got to where we’re at today. So from 2018 to, basically, the end of 2020, Connie Marples, the founder of Boosh Food and a top-tier food broker, were able to get us into about 150 stores throughout Canada. Since January, just roughly six months ago, we were able to get into another 225 stores, or will be in by the end of July. So momentum is on our side right now. Our game plan is to aggressively increase with top-tier salespeople, our sales department to have roughly 10 to 12 top-tier individuals selling Boosh throughout Canada. And what are we selling? Let’s go through the Boosh menu real quick. We have six frozen products– the single-serving bowl in the frozen products– Coconut Curry Bowl, Mac and Cheese, Bolognese, Mexican Fiesta Bowl. And then for a party of two we, have the potpies and shepherd’s pies. By the end of July, we will have three refrigerated products. And they’re going to be Mushroom Gravy, Sloppy Joe, and Chili. And then by the end of the year, our goal is to have shelf-stable foods, Boosh foods, in the grocery store. So the consumer will go. And in all three of the material sections of the grocery store will be Boosh products for the consumer to purchase. – Now, let’s talk a little bit about climate change, once again, just touching on this because it seems to be– a real important. So you start to talk to people. And it almost seems like it’s an urgent need for families to head into a more plant-based direction. – And why wouldn’t a family, any family, want to go ahead and explore the plant-based environment and try plant-based foods? Again, Boosh– starting point– it’s a gateway. It’s nutritional. It’s healthy. It’s family comfort food. It’s convenient “heat and eat.” And it’s budget-friendly. It’s significantly better for the animal kingdom and for the earth itself. So Boosh plant-based brands– good for you and good for Planet Earth. – Yeah. And I love that whole area about a gateway to the plant-based industry. Jim Pakulis, CEO of Boosh Food, which trades on the CSE under the ticker VEGI, joining us now– thanks, again. – Thank you, Jeremy.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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