Investor Scene: Carlyle Commodities Corp (CSE:CCC) CEO Interview Morgan Good

Hey, everyone. Welcome back to Investors Scene I’m Jeremy Szafron. Now, it’s an exciting time to be in the precious metals industry. Obviously, we have a huge flood of investors looking towards some potential opportunities. Our next guest is Morgan Good. He’s the CEO of a company that might represent that opportunity. It’s a company called Carlyle Commodities. And it trades on the CSE under the ticker symbol CCC. Morgan, thanks for joining us. – Hi, Jeremy, thank you for having me. How are you today? – I’m doing well, man. I’m doing well. And I know that you have some interesting news out about an acquisition. But before we get to that, I want to hone it a little bit. Because Carlyle has been around for a moment. It’s kind of an exciting time. I know you all have been a little bit silent. But right now is the time to go. And I want to hear a little bit about what you’ve been working on. For the audience that don’t know the company, who is Carlyle? – Sure. Well, Carlyle is a junior exploration company based in Vancouver with a focus on acquiring, advancing, and developing precious metals projects in North America. But in particular, we’re a management team, an advisory team that are really focused around the capital markets, and structuring, and finance itself, that really wanted to partner up with technical experts and our industry leaders in that regard. So late last year, we made an acquisition of our flagship property, the Newton Gold Project, from the Hunter Dickinson Group and Bob Dickinson, which is based in British Columbia. And that was really our play on our thesis, which I just touched on. And that is, buying ounces in the ground within the precious metals space ahead of a bull market. And it’s really that simple. And so we’ve got the Newton Project. It’s got a historic resource, of which the company has been working very diligently over the last six months to develop plans to not only bring out a brand new resource, and a current model, but a way to really show the public, these guys have gone out and purchased something for more or less a song and are now riding the coattails of what is hopefully going to be the largest bull-market cycle in the resource space history. And at the same time, providing all of the check marks along the way to really go out this summer and fall, grow that resource, increase its value and grade, and really show the investing public that now’s a great opportunity to buy Carlyle shares. Because we’ve got such a valuable asset that’s really been looked at and undervalued for the better part of a decade. But at the same time, we’ve surrounded ourselves with a couple of other interesting projects. – Yeah you referenced Hunter Dickinson Group. The fact is that they have equity in this. You’d know there is a lot coming to fruition with the Newton Property. What are the comparables? I mean, it looks like you might have a pretty big stronghold in this area. – Great question. And I think it boils down to one very simple analog. And that is of Artemis’s Blackwater Project. They are currently in development to go into production. They are the big dog in the neck of the woods. They’re about 150 klicks to the north, very similar terrain and geology. And they’ve got a mineral resource, measured and indicated, of over 12 million ounces of gold, at approximately 0.65 grams per ton cut off. So one of the challenges– but exciting challenges that our company has– is we wanted to take our lower grade historic resource, get that upgraded to something a lot more similar to that of Blackwater, so we can more or less point to our project at Newton and say, look, we’ve got so much potential here, very similar grades to that of Blackwater. But really, we’re just a miniature version of that. We believe that we can do that and execute, we can really show our following and our audience that we’ve got ourselves a real home run here with something with so much potential and blue-sky potential for the investor. – Yeah, and totally undervalued. I mean, it’s a great entry point right now. But let’s talk a little bit about this acquisition, the property in Ontario. It gives you a new cash position. But also, it came with some pretty interesting asset. So what is the acquisition? Break it down for us. – The acquisition is of a company called Owl Lake Resources, which, of course, just basically relates to the project itself the, Owl Lake Property. This is a company that’s been around a couple of years. It’s got the second-largest contiguous land package in the world renowned Hemlo-Schreiber Greenstone Belt, Ontario. So a great address in the mining jurisdiction, particularly in Canada. And at the same time, nearly $900,000 in our cash comes with this acquisition, as well as a plethora of really, really good mining investors and speculators that are part of this company. So we inherited not only the money. But we inherited some great human capital and another fantastic address to add to our sort of Canadian fold in Eastern Canada. – Yeah, let’s talk a little bit about Newton again and what the plans are here. Now, with this new position, I know that there’s some exciting results coming eventually that we can eventually share. Just give a little bit of a lay of the land here as to what to expect from the company over the next three to six months. Because it seems like now is just the beginning. – It really is. We acquired the project late last year. We’ve been going through the process of building our team, building our technical team. And thank God, we’ve got the Hunter Dickinson group there as our largest single equity shareholder. They own more than 10% of the company. So having Bob and Hunter Dickinson expertise along the way, has really been helpful. But we’ve been adding to the team over the last several months. And so over the next three to six months, you’re going to see definitely a brand new resource calculation come out at the Newton, which I think is going to add a whole new narrative for people to see back to where I was touching on before, how this could be a miniature Blackwater. And it’s really simple. We’re going to go out there. We’re going to infill drill. We’re going to expand. We’re going to go look for the low-hanging fruit. And we’re really going to try and drill to those areas that are open at depth and open in certain directions that we can grow this resource from whatever it is today to a larger tonnage and more ounces in the ground as what we believe to be a massive bull market coming in gold. And I think the bet is just that simple. And so if you like gold and you like junior exploration, then this is a great opportunity to speculate. – Yeah, what an exciting time. And what a great entry. Morgan Good, the CEO of Carlyle Commodities Corp, again, that company trading on the CSE under the ticker symbol CCC. Morgan, thanks for being on. And I look forward to future news. – Jeremy, thank you so much for having me. Have a great day. – Thank you, sir.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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