Investor Scene: FEEL Foods Ltd. (CSE:FEEL & OTC:VLLLF)

Hey, everyone. Welcome back to Investor Scene. I’m Jeremy Szafron. Today on the show, an exciting company going to be highlighted today. It’s a company called Feel Foods. That company trades on the CSE under the ticker Feel, F-E-E-L. Krystal Pineo is the director of that company joining us now. Krystal, thanks for being with us. – Hi, Jeremy. Thanks for having me. – Yeah. I’m excited to talk a little bit about Feel, because it’s a really interesting plant based products out there. I know that there’s a variety of different acquisitions in the play as well. For those that don’t know what Feel Foods is all about, can you give a little bit of the lay of the land? – Sure. Yeah. So, Feel Foods, basically what we’re focused on is the development. And we’re looking at acquisitions of plant based products, and companies, and foods. Traditionally, what we found with vegan food or vegetarian food is that the foods didn’t really have a true health conscious alternative that didn’t compromise on taste. So, we thought, with the connotation with the word plant based or certainly in the case of our plant based food, this is not your parent’s vegetarian company or vegan company. We’re looking to expand that audience and bring in something everyone’s going to like. – Yeah. Let’s talk a little bit about those products, for instance. I know that they’re popular. I know that there’s a cheese company that was just taken over from you guys, very, very popular out there. So, what’s the products out there that Feel has? – Yeah. So, what Feel has right now– Actually, we just did an acquisition with the vegan cheese company, which is Black Sheep Vegan Cheese. You can find that at the grocery store. You can find it at a lot of the Farmers’ Markets. And soon enough, you’ll be finding it online with us, and hopefully, more and more in stores as we spread across the West Coast. – Yeah. It’s an interesting one. I know that there’s also some plant based meat alternatives on your SKU line. I know that this is a huge market. Obviously, a lot of people are focused in the plant based environment. They’re obviously wanting to go a little bit more sustainable in their direction of consuming food. Where do you see the trends going, and how is Feel going to get you there? – Yeah. What we’re really looking at is we’re trying to fill that gap where between the food tasting good, and we see the trend of people wanting things to taste better, to have the opportunity to not go for that yuck, regular old vegan product, like we said, that your parents or that the traditional vegans would be having. We’re looking for those flexitarians. We’re looking for the people who are looking to, what’s the global impact on the meat industry? What’s the global impact on my decision to eat an animal versus not eat an animal? And we’re looking to be non-judgmental on it. So, what we want is that flexitarian. We want the meatless Monday person to come through, and try our products, and realize that you can be a vegan. You can be a vegetarian. And you don’t have to flex on taste and choice. – Right. And I’m sure that you’re looking for different places to find these products in the grocery store as well. So, is there– Tell me a little bit about this acquisition strategy. There’s plans for more SKUs here? – Yeah. So, there’s time for more SKUs. Right now, we have vegetarian burgers. We have chicken strips. We have actually a bacon product that is quite good. It’s becoming quite popular. And as we expand, what we’re looking to do is, as we move across the grocery stores and expand online, we’re also looking to expand into the ready-to-use meals. So, we will be soon, hopefully, a couple more acquisitions coming perhaps down the road. And one of the goals is to have that option where you can also go online onto our website page. You can say, I want this, this, and this, pick out your different products, and have it ready at your door for 6 o’clock when you’re done work. – The plant based industry is certainly a very large one. It’s growing rapidly. You guys fit in in an interesting little area here where you have different products in different areas of the grocery store. Where do you see this going in the future? It seems like it’s only the beginning. – Yeah. So, we do see a big growing. And like I said, because we see people wanting that greener movement– Across North America, across Canada, people are seeing the global warming issues. We’re seeing fires every summer, all across the world. And as people see that, and as people see the way that the meat industry has grown and basically outgrown itself, really, that people don’t want to see that cruelty. And people are conscious shoppers. So, we see ourselves as picking up those conscious shoppers, the people who have been eating meat but say, look I want to make the change. How can I do this? But I don’t want to just change my whole diet. I want it still to taste like meat. Or I want something that I’m going to like or enjoy with flavor and fun. And that’s what we’re looking to do with all our products as we expand. – I know we can’t give out any forward looking statements herein. But a little bit for the audience in terms of the shareholders here, what can they expect over the next 6 to 12 months? Where is the company going towards? – Yeah, definitely. So, like I said, without saying too much, we are looking and hoping to get something going where you can have those ready-to-eat meals. That’s something we’d like to see. We’d like to continue to expand into the supermarkets, into the online market. And honestly, we’re planning to move from the West Coast North America all across North America that way and shift towards the East, because we do find that West Coast people up and down the coast are very positive with green movements. So, we’d like to start there and really give it a push. – Yeah. Well, I’m excited to try that cheese. Krystal Pineo, the director of Feel, thanks so much for being on the show today. Looking forward to having you on as future news comes out from the company. – Thank you so much for having me, Jeremy.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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