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Investors Scene: Spotlite360 (CSE:SPTL) Introduction

Hey, everyone, welcome back to Investors Scene, where we give you the insights from the insiders of the companies disrupting the market. And today we introduce you to a newly traded company on the CSE. It’s called Spotlite360, and it’s a game-changing enterprise software company.

The timing is crucial here. This is a fantastic opportunity. And in the coming days, we’ll have their president on the show, Jim Greenwell, and he’ll explain why Spotlite360 will change the future of supply chains, forcing to show consumers proof of origin, authenticity, and so much more data that consumers now expect when they go to make a purchase. Companies are investing in this type of technology at a very rapid pace, And it couldn’t be a better time for this company to go public. Stay tuned to find out more.

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