Lead Generation

Lead generation is the action or process of identifying and cultivating potential customers for a business’s products, services or investment opportunity.  It may take time for a potential investor to become a shareholder of your Public Company, most investors sit on the fence during what we call the “analysis stage” as they decide whether your investment opportunity meets their investing criteria. It is the goal of Our Team to first determine who fits the target audience demographic of your Public Company and then provide that audience with the most engaging and pertinent information about your Public Company and the Team Members leading the way. Let us create an engaging and educational lead generation funnel so that you are able to grow a robust loyal shareholder base for your Public Company. Our Lead Generation Strategy does not funnel previous investors from other client’s databases into your funnel, what we build is for your Public Company and your Public Company alone, this ensures that the potential investors we introduce to your Public Company are there specifically for your investment opportunity.  Talk with one of our Team members to learn more about lead generation with Investor Scene today!