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Costco (COST) Estoque Diminui à medida que a Inflação

Costco (COST) Estoque Diminui à medida que a Inflação

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Costco COST Stock Dips As Inflation Takes A Toll
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Costco (NASDAQ:CUSTO) stock is slipping on Friday following the release of the company’s earnings report for its quarto trimestre fiscal de 2022.

That earnings report starts with diluted earnings per share of $4.20 for the quarter. This comes in above the $4.17 per share that Wall Street was expecting. It’s also an improvement over the $3.76 per share reported in the same period of the year prior.

To go along with that, Costco reported revenue of $72.09 billion for fiscal Q4. Yet again, that’s better than the $72 billion in revenue that analysts were looking for during the quarter. It’s also a 15.2% increase year-over-year from $61.44 billion.

Profit Data is Pulling COST Stock Down

While all of that above is positive news, there’s still one thing dragging down COST stock today. The company’s profit margins for the quarter slipped 10.18%. That comes as inflation starts to weigh on the retailer.

Richard Galanti, CFO of Costco, said the following in a conference call, according to TheStreet.com.

“In terms of membership fees and a possible increase, there are no specific plans regarding a fee increase at this time. We’re pleased with our growth in both top line sales and membership households over the last several quarters and in member loyalty as reflected in increasing member renewal rates.”

COST stock is down 1.6% as of pre-market trading on Friday morning.

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