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Gratomic Inc.: Grafite Veia de Alta Qualidade

Gratomic Inc.: Grafite Veia de Alta Qualidade

Set on becoming a key player the EV and Energy Storage supply chains

Gratômico is an advanced materials company focused on low-cost mine to market commercialization of carbon-neutral, eco-friendly, high purity vein graphite and is set to become a key player in EV and Renewable Resource supply chains.


The Aukam Graphite Project:

This project is located in southern Namibia, close to the port city of Luderitz. The property hosts five underground adits which were mined periodically between 1940 and 1974.

Data obtained over the past 8 years of the project has led to a better understanding of the quality and distribution of the graphite mineralization at Aukam. In particular, exploration has demonstrated significant potential for expansion of the mineralization outside the old workings.

The Buckingham Graphite Project:

This property covers 480hectares in eight claim blocks and is located 7 kilometres northwest of Buckingham, Quebec, Canada. It is located within the Central Metasedimentary Belt of the Grenville Geologic Province.

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