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Sponsored Content – Customizable for each public company:

✔️  Program Success; We will work alongside you and track which elements of your campaign are garnering the most interest from your target investor demographic.

✔️  Program Budget; We offer a variety of campaign price points and additional services that can be added to further enhance the reach of your campaign.

✔️  Program Time-Frame; Our Team will provide you with a cost/benefit analysis of your campaign during the initial 3-month Program Term and adjust accordingly should you wish to extend your term.

✔️  Program Add-ons; We offer CEO interviews, 3rd party analyst coverage, native ads, and social media marketing which can be discussed and cost evaluated based on an initial 3-month campaign trial; It is paramount that the Program’s effectiveness is evident before expanding the campaign scope and budget must also be considered.


✔️  Our Team needs to know all about your company and who “runs the show.”  Understanding your company from the foundation up will help us pinpoint your target audience. 


✔️  Our Team creates an Exclusive Report featuring the opportunities, pivotal members, direction, and industry of your company. 


✔️  Our Team will use its extensive media partnership network, and provide highly-target digital traffic to your Exclusive Report hosted as Sponsored Content at

What You Get

✔️  Our Team will provide 1,000 opted-in potential investors sent directly to your IR representative per month based on minimum spend. That is 3,000 highly-engaged potential investors for you to share your vision with during the initial 3-month Program.

Remember we focus on bringing new potential investors directly to your company and we do not rely on previous investors of other public companies within our database. This ensures that you are getting the most engaged audience of potential investors as possible.

Speak to one of our Team members today and see how we can drive your awareness!