The Szaf Report Week of 11-08-2021

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  Hey, everyone, Jeremy Szafron, here, with your weekly Szaf report, offering you bite-size exclusive insights on small-cap retail investing trends in North America. Now this week, I’m going to be focusing on COP26 and President Biden’s spending package, which includes a proposed $555 billion in funding to combat climate change. Now we’re talking about massive infrastructure spending, incentives to small and large businesses, and inevitable job creation from this. Now this is clearly huge news for EV and battery technology companies, yet it shows that we’re still at the early stages of the industry. Now take note, here. Retail investors should always remain on their toes any time the government gets involved in an industry, especially with one that has far-reaching effects on society. Now while this may be a catalyzing moment for small-cap EV and battery companies, not to mention the Teslas of the world, it’s more so a moment that is less about the funding and more about the infrastructure, if you know what I mean. Yes, the funding is huge and historic, but we need more of a plan for how the infrastructure will be implemented. In fact, I think the government should incentivize private companies to come up with this plan. Without government incentives, people won’t take the next step. They need a more supportive climate to move forward, here. Now we also need to encourage the financial sector to get behind the creative ideas and innovation that will drive this movement. Simply put, people and institutions need to start putting their money where their mouths are. Now for better or for worse, what’s happening at COP26 is really just more of the same. Leaders gather, they point fingers, they agree to some form of long-range plan, then they go back to their many other crises of the day. Now rest assured, we will see the flip from fossil-fuel-burning cars to electric and hydrogen ones, but we need to crawl before we walk. Now this means governments need to invest in the infrastructure before writing big checks and making ultra-lofty goals. And retail investors should still remain opportunistic with small-cap EV and battery tech companies. But they should continue to do their due diligence. Look for the ones with their own really good IP, their own Intellectual Property, or whether or not they have revenue plans, or if there’s a revenue stream there. If none of these exists, they’re just a waste of your time. That’s all I have for you this week. Head over to InvestorScene.com to get more insight. And if not, I’ll see you next week for another Szaf Report. Ciao.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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