Canadian Technology NewsUncategorized Partners with Meta Yachts to Create Virtual Yachts and Marina in the Metaverse Partners with Meta Yachts to Create Virtual Yachts and Marina in the Metaverse Corp. (NEO Exchange Canada: COIN) (Frankfurt Stock Exchange: 76M) (OTCQB US: SMURF) (“” or “the Company”), a publicly-traded company that invests in Web3 crypto assets and businesses linked to the Metaverse and NFTs, is pleased to share that its subsidiary, Metaverse Group, has successfully entered a joint venture with Meta Yachts to build a first of its kind luxury virtual marina, and eight unique superyacht NFTs, in Decentraland.

The initial development will be built on 25 parcels of Metaverse Group’s virtual land, with the marina’s launch happening in time for Metaverse Fashion Week, which takes place from March 24th to 27th. The eight superyachts will each have a private berth in the Meta Marina, offering owners and guests an immersive experience that features a breakwater, an animated ocean, and ambient noise (seagulls, boat horns, etc.). The fashion yacht is designed to house virtual meeting rooms, catwalks, and even a space to display and sell digital wearables.

“The partnership with Meta Yachts expands our revenue streams through the sale of NFTs and the advertising potential as the marina is a Metaverse landmark, bringing in more visitor traffic. The yachts will provide guests with immersive luxury experiences. This opens up new innovative advertising opportunities in the Metaverse,” commented Andrew Kiguel, CEO of and Executive Chairman of Metaverse Group.

As the possibilities of the interior functionalities of each yacht are essentially limitless, luxury brands will have the freedom to create any virtual world experience they like once onboard. The team is already designing several yacht concepts for various luxury brands. Meta Yachts will also feature as a sponsor at NFT MENA, where the company will have a hologram on display throughout the event.

“Metaverse Group are early pioneers of virtual real estate, including owning a massive 166 parcel estate in Decentraland’s Fashion District. The company comprises a rock-solid dream team with extensive experience across finance, digital assets, non-fungible tokens, blockchain technology and yachting, which is the perfect complement to our skillset,” said Meta Yachts co-founder Thomas O’Nial.

About Corp is a publicly traded company that invests in Web3 assets and businesses focused on the Metaverse, NFTs, DeFi, and gaming based digital assets. is the majority owner of Metaverse Group, one of the world’s first virtual real estate companies. Hulk Labs, a wholly-owned subsidiary, focuses on investing in play-to-earn revenue generating gaming tokens and NFTs. Additionally, owns and stakes crypto assets to earn additional tokens. Through its growing digital assets and NFTs, provides public market investors with a simple and secure way to gain exposure to Web3.

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About Metaverse Group

The Metaverse Group is a vertically integrated NFT based Metaverse real estate company. The group, with its global headquarters in Decentraland’s Crypto Valley, also owns an eight-figure real estate portfolio across many leading virtual worlds. The company intends to continue to purchase, develop and rent out its portfolio of real estate assets., a publicly-traded company, is the majority owner of Metaverse Group.

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About Meta Yachts

Meta Yachts is the premier superyacht provider in the Metaverse. The company has designed and built eight unique, fully-functional 3D superyachts, each showcasing a distinct concept. They’ve built the Meta Marina to go with it; the world’s very first metaverse marina which will also serve as the headquarters of the company. Meta Yachts will launch in Decentraland before the inaugural virtual Fashion Week, which starts on 24th March, 2022.

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