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Your Money Is Diminishing In Your Bank

Money sitting in your bank is not the way to grow your wealth. We strive to get a paying job by working hard and improving ourselves to reach a financially free life; however, having your hard-earned money sit in the bank for years is doing more harm than you think. Inflation is known to be the silent killer of wealth. Each year, due to inflation, your wealth goes down in value by the inflation percentage, and eventually adds up over the years. Why earn so much when you are going to lose it? So how do you avoid this? Simply by investing! For example, to save a million dollars by the average retirement age, 65, you would have to set aside over $2300 every month for 35 years without investing. However, if you invest it with a 5 percent return for 35 years, it would take less than $900 a month to get to a million dollars. Investing saves you almost 3 times as much to set aside per month! Though investing seems complicated, it can be fairly simple. Once you have your income covering your bills, groceries, and savings, you can take a portion of the remaining income to invest for your future. With investing, the earlier you start the better it is! Even a 5-year difference can make a huge impact on the amount you gain at the start of your retirement. There are many different ways to invest, from buying shares, property, or fixed interest to name a few. Shares or stocks help your initial investment grow over time. You are essentially investing in companies by buying their company shares. Of course, the prices can go lower than your price at investment, which is why there should be your research before you put your money in that company. Researching their history, their plans, and their industry is a great start to do your due diligence to ensure you are using your money the right way. Some companies can also give a portion of their company to their shareholders via a dividend, which can make a great passive income coming either quarterly or annually.

Investing money in real estate can give you a high return in the long term

Another type of investment is via real estate. Investing in homes, apartments, or rentals can potentially give you a high return over the long term. There is always a risk where the property value falls for various reasons, however, with research on the economy and the real estate market, you can navigate to attain positive returns. A third form of investing is by fixed interest, for example, bonds. This is where a group, for example, a company, borrows money from the investors like you and pays you back with the interest in return. This type of investing is generally a lower risk than property or shares and can be sold fairly quickly without much loss. As we always mentioned at Investors Scene. Investing doesn’t have to be complicated. Start slow with safe shares using platforms like Wealth Simple. Put a few dollars away on a regular basis. Once you have amassed enough savings, you can build your way up to the real estate and explore other opportunities. Regardless of the form of investment, any investment is better for your wealth than diminishing your wealth by keeping it in your bank.

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